The Last Serpent: Part II

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Chasing after the deadly serpent, Patrick and the man from the village hurried down the hillside to meet up with the small company of warriors in the valley. The serpent may have flown away, but the battle was far from over.

It was about midday and the scorching sun was high in the sky. Below the warriors were raucously rejoicing at the victory that Patrick accomplished and were eager to speak with the miracle-worker.

“Hooray! Thanks be to your triune God!”

As he approached them, Patrick remained stern in his face and was not ready to join in the revelry.

“Men! You are right to thank God for the victory, but the serpent is not yet defeated. We must follow him, cast him into the sea and banish his master from this blessed isle! Then and only then will we have cause for rejoicing!”

Dismayed, the leader of the warriors walked towards Patrick.

“Tell us, miracle-worker, what must we do? We are ready to risk our lives to protect our village. Many have already fallen, but such is the price of freedom.”

“I must do this alone, young man. I am the reason why this fell beast has attacked your village. The Evil One has become desperate to thwart my efforts to bring the peace of the triune God upon this island. He seeks to terrorize the people in hopes that you will submit to his dominion through fear. His strength is waning and has sent a final serpent to destroy what I have begun.”

“What will be the fate of the Magician? Surely we can help dispatch him?”

“No. I will not have any more blood spilt because of his evil malice. I will make sure he will never come back here again.”

Not wishing to waste any more time, Patrick left the group of warriors alone and began walking towards the opposite hill where the Magician and serpent were last seen. As he past the shores of the long lake Patrick drew near a circle of ancient stones.

Suddenly, everything went black.

The sky was covered with an immense shadow and Patrick could barely see in front of him. Then he noticed an eerie green light emanating from the stones ahead of him.

Patrick continued slowly towards the ring of stones and noticed shadows flying here and there around him. They were circling him and for the first time Patrick felt fear creep into his heart.

Trembling Patrick shouted, “Get behind me satan! You are powerless and have no power over me!”

Patrick heard a faint whisper all around him, “Patrick, Patrick, look what have you done!”

Then Patrick was thrown to the ground and felt as if a large boulder was on top of him. He couldn’t move his body and everything around him was shrouded in darkness.

As he lay there motionless, images started to appear in his mind. The images were familiar to Patrick and showed to him an episode from his life nearly thirty years ago.

“Look, Patrick, what you have done!”

As the scene unfolded before his eyes he saw a youthful Patrick. He recalled this memory, buried deep in his past. What he saw next horrified him and brought a rush of shame upon him. Then an empty grave appeared before his eyes and suddenly the darkness disappeared.

The sun was still high in the sky and he could hear the group of men heading back to the village. Patrick got up from the ground and walked briskly past the men.

Alarmed, they called out, “Miracle-worker! What are you doing? I thought the serpent was that way?”

Hurriedly Patrick said in reply, “I am weak and a sinner! I should never have come here! I am sorry for bringing this evil upon you.”

Stunned, the men didn’t know what to do as they saw Patrick climb back up the hill.

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