I help Christians become masters of prayer through ancient traditions.

Here on this website there are many articles that are meant to inspire and act as lamps of light in a culture of darkness and are aimed to encourage us all to persevere in the struggle to be holy witnesses of Christ to the world. You may search them using the “Search” feature on the sidebar, or you may read my most popular articles featured below.

If you want to contact me directly with questions or comments, please use my e-mail address below:

e-mail: pakosloski (at) icloud.com

Thank you for your interest and support.


My Biography 

I graduated from the University of Saint Thomas in Minnesota with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Catholic Studies and completed my Master of Arts degree in Theology with the Augustine Institute.

Currently, I am the spirituality writer for Aleteia.

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Postings on this space belong to Philip Kosloski and only contain my personal positions, strategies and opinions. It is not endorsed by Aleteia, National Catholic Register or the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network nor does it constitute any official communication of these organizations.

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  • Phillip Miller

    I recently subscribed to New Advent’s RSS and came across your site. “Screwtape” was a life-altering read for me and I am pleased to see your commentary on it. It looks like you are doing some great work. God Bless you!

  • I was reading New Advent and came across the

    Enemy’s Tactic #6: How Satan Encourages us to be Charitable to People
    we Do Not Know! How interesting and insightful and because I thought so,
    I invited all my Friends on Facebook to like your page and shared a few
    of your articles. Please visit our Facebook “Page” Pax Press Agency
    and if you support what we are trying to do with our Initiative at the
    United Nations in Geneva, we hope you will share it with as many of your readers and
    friends to help spread the word. Patricia Peschken at Pax Press Agency
    in Geneva http://www.paxpressagency.com

    • Philip Kosloski

      Thanks for your support Patricia and the great work you do at the United Nations. Thank you and Godspeed!