The Last Serpent: Part I

This is a story based on various legends of Ireland, especially those found in the Libellus de Fundacione Ecclesie Consecrati Petri, an ancient manuscript written by Irish monks living in Regensburg, Germany. It also acts as a prelude to our upcoming comic book that will be released later this year.

Here below is part 1, with the remaining parts to be released as the weeks go by.

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The Last Serpent: Part IV

For Part III, click here.

As Patrick, Tassac and his company of priests and deacons began to descend the hill, the group of warriors who had fought against the serpent were walking up and returning to their village.

The leader of the troop stopped Patrick, “Where are you going, miracle-worker? The sun is nearly set and lately we have heard many fowl beasts in the valley below.”

Patrick replied, “I have no doubt that there are many horrible creatures, but we must be on our way to discover where the Magician has led his pet serpent.”

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