#18: How Satan Tempts us to Make Christianity into an Exclusive Club

As we draw closer to the end of our series on the tactics of the devil, we come to a topic many of us fall into, but few ever address. One very clever way the devil tries to influence us is by putting thoughts in our mind that we Christians are a part of an exclusive group or clique.

The devil seeks to have us associate Christianity not with Jesus Christ, the Gospels or the Catholic Church as a whole, but with the subset of fellow Christian people we associate with on a regular basis.

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How the Devil Detests Silence and Fills our World with Noise

In C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters, the “senior demon” Screwtape reveals one very interesting plan of the devil. In order to drive us away from God Satan chooses to distract us with “Noise.” He knows that if we are overrun by countless distractions that we will be unable to hear the voice of God in silence.

Here is how Screwtape frames his devious plan:

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How Men Are Attracted To Women Who Do Not Exist

When a man or woman looks at a magazine cover, music video or even a feature film, they are looking at pictures of women who simply do not exist in the real world. The images they see are entirely fake and outrageously unnatural. Yet, the pictures men(in particular) see influence their very thought process and they begin to compare every woman to the images on the magazine cover. As a result, a man constantly chases the woman of his dreams….unfortunately, she does not exist.

1940s Fashion

The devil is the main culprit behind this trend and he isn’t going to stop his campaign (as he started it long ago).

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#14: How We Can Diet and Eat Healthy Food and Still Commit Gluttony

One of the most prevailing forms of gluttony in today’s world is that of “gluttony of Delicacy.” As a culture, we have successfully run a campaign against overeating and have focused all of our energy at combating obesity.

The Traditional Depiction of Gluttony

In the process, however, we have turned all of our energy towards food and now our extremely high standards have made us uncharitable and very hard to please.

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Why the Devil Hates the Present Moment

Too many of us fall into one of the most common traps of the devil: dwelling on the past or being anxious about the future. It is extremely easy to succumb to both frames of mind and sometimes we are even stuck in the past and future at the same time!

Pocket Watch by Wikipedia Author: Isabelle Grosjean

The worst situation the devil can imagine is a soul who is firmly planted in the present moment.

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