Do you want to sanctify your life in simple ways? Try praying the Angelus

Finding time to pray is certainly difficult. As I have advocated before, it is essential to create your own daily schedule of prayer. However, sometimes we don’t know where to start and only have a vague idea of what we want to do.

One excellent idea that will get you started and help sanctify your day in a simply way is by taking up the ancient practice of the Angelus.

But what is the Angelus? How do I pray it devoutly?

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Where Is Your Treasure?

 “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be” (Matthew 6:21).

There are 24 hours in a day, about 8 of those hours are spent sleeping, which gives us 16 hours for prayer, work, family time and recreation. Most of us are “slaves” of the workday and have no choice but to work 8 hours a day, leaving us 8 hours for prayer, family time and various hobbies.

How do we spend that extra time we have? What is the first item on the to-do list to “go” when something comes up during that time? Where are our priorities?

Or as Jesus would say it, “where is your treasure?”

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How to Make Time for Prayer in a Busy Schedule

Do you lead a busy life and can’t seem to find time for prayer? Or maybe you started to pray every day, but then life got busy and you haven’t prayed since? I know how it feels. It is very easy to get caught-up by the numerous activities of life and forget about prayer. Put kids in the mix and your daily schedule is no longer your own.

But what if you could make time for prayer in your busy schedule? What if you could guarantee a time for prayer every day? The good news is that not only is it possible, all you have to do is follow 2 simple principles to establish a daily prayer routine that endures year after year. 

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The Battle of Prayer: Why We Shouldn’t Lose Heart If We Fail

Do you find it difficult to pray? So do I! I will be honest and say that prayer has never been easy for me and I still have days when I fail miserably. What prevents me from giving-up is knowing that prayer is not about me, but about God. It is about responding to His invitation of love and doing all that we can to battle any obstacles that come between us.

Prayer is a “battle” and the battlefield is in our hearts. Will we give-up and run away or fight until the last breath leaves our body?

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How to Develop a (Nearly) Unbreakable Habit of Prayer

To conclude our series on prayer, let us dive into what everyone is waiting for: how can I make this new schedule of prayer stick? Many of us are familiar with “New Year’s Resolutions” or even “Lenten Resolutions,” whereby we promise that we will go to the Adoration chapel every day or even read the entire Bible cover to cover. Unfortunately those “resolutions” only last for about a week and we find ourselves right back where we started.

So how can we truly commit to this new schedule of prayer and make it last for the rest of our lives? Here’s how:

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3 Methods of Prayer That Will Change Your Life

After carving out time in your daily schedule to pray, the task at hand remains daunting for many of us. Sure we may have 30 minutes when we can pray every day, but that will do us no good if we don’t know how to pray!

Before I start, let me say one thing: discovering how to pray is a lifelong adventure and the methods I describe below are a starting point, a map that can point us in the right direction.

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How to Win the First Battle of Every Day

One of the most important parts of every day is also one of the hardest battles to fight. Simply put, it is the alarm clock.

It may seem like a small battle that does not really affect our day and yet, if we fail to discipline our bodies at the very start of each day, how much harder will it be to do something heroic during the rest of the day?

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