Did You Know that Jesus Died on March 25th?

While Christians everywhere relive the passion and death of Jesus Christ on Good Friday each year, we often forget that Jesus died on a specific historical day. What day was it?

There is a tradition in the Catholic Church that Christ died on March 25th. Why is this date significant? 


In the Catholic Church, this day has always been a day of “doom”; a day of great “fate” or “destiny.” It is a day that traditionally has been assigned very “fateful” events in the salvation of the human race. For example, it was thought to be both the day of the creation of Adam and Eve as well as the day of their disobedience in the Garden. Not only that, but it was believed to be the exact day that Our Lord was crucified on the cross.

There is more. It was also counted as the day when Lucifer fell from Heaven and when the Israelite people passed through the Red Sea to begin their journey to the promised land. Lastly, it was the day when Isaac was to be offered as a sacrifice by his father Abraham. (Catholic Encyclopedia)

Currently in the Church’s calendar, it is the day when we celebrate the Annunciation of the angel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Therefore, this day is when Mary, a simple peasant girl of 14, freely accepted the mission of bearing in her womb the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Putting it all together, today is the day when Adam was created by God from the dust of the earth and when Lucifer was thrown out of Heaven. It is the day when the New Adam came to dwell in the womb of the New Eve. This is the day when “the knot of Eve’s disobedience was loosed by the obedience of Mary. For what the virgin Eve had bound fast through unbelief, this did the virgin Mary set free through faith” (Saint Irenaeus of Lyon). Thus Mary became the “Untier of Knots.”

On this day the Lamb of God was slain, the Lamb who was foretold when Abraham told Isaac that “God Himself will provide a lamb” for sacrifice. Lastly, Christ is the new Moses who by His blood destroyed our slavery to sin and opened up the way to our true Promised Land, Heaven.

Death was destroyed. Slavery to sin; liberated. Knots were untied.

The day of Christ’s death is a day of “doom,” a “fateful” day. There are no “coincidences.” Events do not happen at random. God is the one guiding history and we shouldn’t be surprised at the many “coincidences” that He designs.

On Good Friday, let us remember not just Christ’s death, but the impact His death had on all of Salvation History.

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  • robt wise

    March 25 is the day on which the first adventurers to Maryland, who came out from England in 1634 on those wonderfully named ships the Ark and the Dove, disembarked and offered up Holy Mass in their new land. They had been in Maryland’s waters for some time but waited for this significant day.

  • Philip Kosloski

    Wow, I never knew that! Specific days had real significance in times past!

  • pmmacc

    How about the TRUTH: Christ did not die on the cross and the text tells you that. Dead bodies can not bleed! When he was poked sward he bled which mean the was alive. The crucifixion was staged. Doesn’t anyone watch CSI? Hasn’t anyone seen a dead body? That whole crap about ‘forgiving’ everything some one does is a lie