Looking for rational arguments to support your belief in God? Check this out

In today’s world reason has generally been pushed aside, leaving a gaping whole in the lives of theists and atheists alike. This makes it extremely difficult to have an honest conversation about God as emotions start to fly and arguments are made with no basis in reason.

With this in mind Fr. Andrew Younan presents Thoughtful Theism: Redeeming Reason in an Irrational Age. It is a fresh look at rational arguments for God’s existence and stresses the importance of backing up your belief in God with the intellect.

Here is the description of the book from the publisher:

Thoughtful Theism: Redeeming Reason in an Irrational Age is more than a defense of the existence of God. It is an attempt to remind us that belief in God is at its root rational—despite the evidence offered by many atheists and the irrational expressions presented by some theists themselves. Drawing from years of experience as a priest and a teacher of philosophy, Fr. Younan presents the fallacies that often accompany thinking about a concept as difficult as God. With clarity and humor, he presents the Five Ways of Aquinas, discusses the Big Bang and Evolution, the problem of evil, morality, and the complexities and abuses of religion.

Fr. Younan does an excellent job examining the many arguments of the “new atheists” and points out where they fall short. He truly knows their viewpoints and has worked hard to understand them. This in of itself is worth emulating in our own lives as we too often push aside the beliefs of other people and try to impose our own viewpoints on them. Before we can ever have an honest debate with someone, we must first understand where they are coming from.

He also presents these theistic arguments from a perspective that is less forceful and lets the reader discover the truth that is in them.

In the end, Fr. Younan excels at understanding the modern age and tries to infuse within it a little more reason, helping believers to engage society in a thoughtful way.

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