Hayley Atwell and an all-star cast bring St. Cecilia to life in new audio drama

The legendary life and martyrdom of St. Cecilia is brought to life in a new audio drama by the Augustine Institute Radio Theatre. Called Ode to Saint Cecilia the new audio drama was written and directed by Paul McCusker, who has a long history of award-winning audio dramatizations.

The six-part drama features an all-star cast of voice actors including Hayley Atwell (most well known for her role as Agent Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as Ella’s mother in Disney’s Cinderella), Harry Lloyd (Game of Thrones, The Theory of Everything), and Jamie Parker (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Valkyrie), among a full cast of top-notch actors.

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Want to know how Christians invented medicine as we know it? Read this book

The practice of medicine in today’s world is sadly much more of a business than a means of helping people. Insurance companies only add to the confusion and the essential purpose of medicine is often left behind.

All of this is a far cry from the original doctors who are responsible for the organized health care we see today. Mike Aquilina delivers a fascinating and engaging look at the early practice of medicine in his book The Healing Imperative: The Early Church and the Invention of Medicine as We Know It.

Here is the book description from the publisher:

“Whenever you enter a town and they receive you, eat what is set before you; heal the sick in it and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.'” —Luke 10:8-9

When Jesus sent seventy disciples on ahead of him, part of their mission was to heal the sick. In fact, they were supposed to heal the sick before they preached the Gospel. Best-selling author Mike Aquilina calls this command the healing imperative. And it’s an imperative that ushered in the world of modern medicine. In The Healing Imperative: The Early Church and the Invention of Medicine as We Know It, Aquilina reconstructs the fascinating history of a uniquely Christian institution: the hospital. Underlining how the virtues of charity and hospitality motivated the first generations of Christians, along with Jesus’ explicit command to heal the sick, the author shows just how revolutionary the actions of Christian doctors and nurses were and how they transformed society in ways that still reverberate today.

The radical developments in health care spearheaded by Christians influenced culture, society, and civilization. As The Healing Imperative proves, now more than ever, the compassion of Christians is needed to guide the world of medicine. Jesus’ command still resonates, and Aquilina urges us to respond.

Aquilina is at his best in this book and gives an amazing glimpse into the early life of the Church that is often glossed over. What he proves is how essential charity is to living out the Christian faith and how healing people through medicine is a fundamentally Christian work.

In the end, this is a perfect book to help reorient medical professionals to what truly matters and how the root of their work is not a business, but an organized effort to help people. The goal of doctors should not be to take advantage of people, but to live up to their Christian faith and follow Christ’s command to heal.

Looking for rational arguments to support your belief in God? Check this out

In today’s world reason has generally been pushed aside, leaving a gaping whole in the lives of theists and atheists alike. This makes it extremely difficult to have an honest conversation about God as emotions start to fly and arguments are made with no basis in reason.

With this in mind Fr. Andrew Younan presents Thoughtful Theism: Redeeming Reason in an Irrational Age. It is a fresh look at rational arguments for God’s existence and stresses the importance of backing up your belief in God with the intellect.

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Three Ways Marvel Studios Is Doing Something Right

Marvel Studios is doing something right. Guardians of the Galaxy raked in about $94 million on its first weekend, making it the largest opening for any movie released in August, even beating out the opening weekend of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is not their first success and it won’t be their last. What began as a simple set of comic books has turned into a multi-billion dollar movie industry. The lucrative business of making comic book movies has no end in sight and appears only to be on the rise. In fact, Marvel has plans for many years to come and will continue to produce movies as long as they can be successful. 

But why are their movies so popular? What makes these comic book movies stand out? While Marvel’s films attract many teenagers because of its numerous fast-paced, action-packed sequences, they also draw in people of all ages because they showcase true heroism, human characters and simple fun. Marvel provides a rarity nowadays; entertaining movies with a human heart.

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