Want to become a fierce Spiritual Warrior? Then this Manual is for You

As I began to dig deeper into the reality of spiritual warfare, I put myself on a quest to find the best resources. Providentially, I was given a book by a fellow parishioner that I now use every day in my fight against Satan: the Manual for Spiritual Warfare by Paul Thigpen.

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It has proved to be a vital tool in combating the many assaults of the Enemy.

How to Win the First Battle of Every Day

Returning to our series on daily prayer, one of the most important parts of every day is also one of the hardest battles to fight. Simply put, it is the alarm clock.

The Vigil exhibited 1884 by John Pettie 1839-1893

It may seem like a small battle that does not really affect our day and yet, if we fail to discipline our bodies at the very start of each day, how much harder will it be to do something heroic during the rest of the day?

Let Us Not Forget the Spiritual Battle Behind Abortion

It is quite easy in the Pro-Life movement to only think of political activism, passing legislation, supporting pro-life politicians and holding up signs in front of an abortion facility. We forget that Satan is the one lurking in the shadows and he is the one who is counseling the woman in a crisis pregnancy that it is OK to end the life of the child within her womb.


Satan’s primary goal is the collapse of the human race and to bring as many souls to Hell as he can manage.

The Enemy’s Tactic #7: How the Devil Hides his Existence with Red Tights and a Pitchfork

This week we will look at how the devil is so cunning that he is able to hide his existence by encouraging us to depict him as a comical figure.


Sparky, the Arizona State Sun Devils mascot. Taken by James Santelli, Neon Tommy. September 24, 2011. (Wikipedia)

Instead of avoiding the public spotlight in order to hide his schemes, the devil prefers being the center of attention.

The Secret to Finding Time for Prayer in a Busy World

After spending several articles giving a firm foundation to why we must find time to pray, let us begin to examine the practical steps we must take to create our daily schedule.


Rocher Percé or Percé Rock in Quebec, Canada by Sam www.phototravelpages.com (Wikipedia)

The first step and the true secret to finding time to pray lies in the answer to the question: “am I a rooster or an owl?”