A Year in Photos: A Photography Challenge

Over the years I have dabbled in photography, choosing mainly to capture the beauty of the world around us. Yet, I have never really made it a priority or actively pursued it. So recently I have decided to take a few pictures everyday and hone my skills in photography. This will mean that I will occasionally post images, mostly of the beautiful Wisconsin forests throughout the seasons.

I hope you enjoy!

1 b&w 2 color

UPDATE: First Printing of John Paul II Pamphlet


As I mentioned last week, I have designed a pamphlet to help preserve the memory of John Paul II’s visit to Wisconsin.  Thus far I have received a good response from parishes and schools in Central Wisconsin and am currently gathering all of the orders together.

My plan at the present moment is to get as large a first printing as possible. This will lower the cost of the pamphlet for each parish, school or group significantly. Here is the basic rundown of prices:

500 – $ 0.90 (per pamphlet)
1,000 – $ 0.65
1,500 – $ 0.55
2,000 – $ 0.45
2,500 – $ 0.40

As of right now, I have about 1,000 pamphlets on order. I will be accepting orders for this first printing up until November 14th. After that date, I would need to do a second round of collecting and do a second printing.

An e-mail will be sent out shortly to all the parishes of the Diocese of La Crosse, and so that number will increase. If you are interested in the pamphlet or think your parish, school or group would be, please contact me at: pakosloski (at) icloud.com to place your order.

After the initial order, I will also make the pamphlet available online for individuals to purchase. Additionally, leading up to November 14th I will reveal a new featured of my website that will focus on his visit and offer more information for people interested in this unique event.

Thank you for all of your support!

Inside of the Pamphlet

Inside of the Pamphlet

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November Calendar – A Month to Honor the Dead

November holds a special place in the hearts of all Poles, namely for the memorial of All Soul’s Day (Zaduszki). It is a day where everyone visits the graves of their loved ones and pays tribute to them.

It is a month focused on the dead and on praying for the Poor Souls in Purgatory, that they may see the light of Heaven and be relieved of their purification. Requiem Masses are said in churches throughout the month, especially on All Soul’s Day.

There are not many specific Polish Saints featured in the month of November, besides St. Raphael Kalinowski and St. Josaphat.

Here is the calendar for this month (with a beautiful picture of a Polish cemetery on All Soul’s Day) for you to put on your desktop or print off for your refrigerator.


Need an Attractive Event Poster? Check me out on fiverr!


One critique I have of event flyers (for church events in particular) is how boring and bland they can be. Especially when someone walks by a bulletin board, it is often a sea of white and black, with nothing that particularly jumps out at a person.

Young people are especially skeptical of event flyers that look like they were made in Microsoft Word (which it probably was). It doesn’t catch their eyes and they immediately dismiss it.

That is why I have set out to share my gifts and talents with organizations, churches and youth groups everywhere. At the same time, I know how strapped most churches are and that is why I have joined fiverr, a community of designers and other creatives who create many different types of products…for $5!

I have over 11 years of experience creating attractive and beautiful flyers and posters. But don’t take me word for it, check out a few examples on my profile.

I want to help you in any way that I can to make sure that your message and event are seen by a wider audience.

In an age where the average attention span of an adult is no more than a goldfish, we need to work extra hard to grab a person’s attention and bring them in. It is vitally important, especially in Church ministry.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Contact me on fiverr today!

Help Preserve A Cherished Memory! Pamphlet of John Paul II’s Visit to Central Wisconsin

8.5 x 14 4 panel fold outside

While we all wait patiently for the publication of my book on John Paul II’s visit to Central Wisconsin, I have decided to design a pamphlet highlighting his visit to be distributed to parishes and groups throughout Wisconsin. This small summary of his visit is meant to help preserve the memory of his visit and to increase devotion to Saint John Paul II in Wisconsin.

The pamphlet gives a brief recount of his visit, along with a few short stories. His visit is not well known among the local residents and virtually unknown throughout the state. This will allow more people to know about it and will set the stage for the publication of my book that will offer a more detailed narrative of his visit.

8.5 x 14 4 panel fold inside

Inside of Pamphlet

If you are interested in acquiring these pamphlets for your Church, School, or group, please e-mail me at: pakosloski (at) icloud.com. The cost of printing these pamphlets varies by the amount printed. It will range between $1 and $2 a piece for larger quantities (for example, it will cost about $300 for 200 pamphlets).  If you want it for a small amount of people, like your friends and family, the cost will be higher.

I am excited at the opportunity to share such a rare event in the life of Saint John Paul II. Help me to preserve this great memory that provides further evidence of his sanctity!