The beauty of Christian witness expresses the beauty of Christianity and provides for its future. How can we be credible in announcing the “good news” if our lives are unable to manifest the “beauty” of this life? From the meeting of faith with Christ, springs forth, in an interior dynamic action supported by Grace, the holiness of the disciples and their capacity to make “beautiful and good” their common life and that of their neighbours. It is not exterior beauty and superficiality, a façade, but an interior beauty that is painted under the action of the Holy Spirit. It shines before men: nothing can hide that which is an essential part of its being. (The Via Pulchritudinis, III.3, emphasis added)

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In all that I do, I seek to let shine before all people the beauty of Christianity. I do this first by “walking in the footsteps of Saints” and look to their numerous examples for inspiration on the pilgrimage of life. Additionally, I desire to use my artistic talents for the greater glory of God and for the building up of an authentic Christian culture. I have devoted myself to these two avenues of beauty, as I firmly believe that in the end, “Beauty Will Save the World.”

Here on this website there are many articles that are meant to inspire and act as little lamps in a culture of darkness. You may search them using the “Archives” feature on the sidebar, or you may read my most popular articles featured on my “About” page.

Also, I encourage you to read my published articles and books by going to my “Writing” page. There you will find a few articles as well as updates regarding my upcoming publications. Currently I am busily working on my book on John Paul II’s visit to Central Wisconsin, entitled: “In The Footsteps Of A Saint: John Paul II’s Visit to Wisconsin.” I expect to release this book by October of this year. In the mean-time, there will be few articles posted here on my website in order that I keep on schedule.

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John Paul II on the Dignity of the Human Body in Art


Recently I came across a powerful music video by musician Colbie Caillat. This video has been making its way around Facebook and is profound in its ability to highlight the dignity and beauty of the human person as expressed through our bodies. Colbie Caillat said in a recent interview that she was upset because she was “getting a lot of pressure to be someone I’’m not, both musically and image-wise.” She relates how women in our society so often try to please others and hide who they really are.  She says that “everyone is trying to hide their faults” through make-up or using Photoshop to digitally alter their appearance. 

Photo Shoot


Following the suggestions of Michael Hyatt, I asked my good friends Jessie and Adam at BTC Photography to update my “headshot.” While using this photo on my website and social media, I will also use this photo on the back cover of my book on John Paul II.

They did a great job and helped achieve my goal. We chose the exterior of Saint Peter’s church in Stevens Point for the setting, which was fitting since John Paul II visited Saint Peter’s while touring Central Wisconsin.

Check out their portfolio! They are great photographers!


Judging A Book By Its Cover

While I continue to work on editing my book on John Paul II’s visit to Wisconsin, I decided to take a break and work on the cover artwork of the book. Even though we all are taught to “never judge a book by its cover,” we all do it anyway. So I want to make the book as attractive as possible. In any case, here is my design thus far. This may be “it,” or I may go back and make some adjustments. The picture is of Cardinal Karol Wojtyla processing out of the public high school in Stevens Point (SPASH) after celebrating Mass. From what I can tell, Father  Stanisław Dziwisz is behind him to the right

What are your thoughts?


A Saint Has Walked Among Us: Sneak Preview of Upcoming Book

Last night I had the privilege of giving a talk at the Polish Heritage Awareness Society of Central Wisconsin, where I gave an hour long talk focused on my upcoming book “In the Footsteps of a Saint: John Paul II’s Visit to Wisconsin.”

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to share the fruits of my research thus far and to hear feedback from those who are already quite familiar with the historic visit. In fact, I was even able to share some stories that members of the society had never heard of before.

coverIn any case, I was able to record the talk and have posted it online along with the powerpoint presentation that features a few rare photographs of Cardinal Karol Wojtyla. However, right now I am only offering it to those who have signed up for updates via e-mail. So, if you are interested in learning more about the visit of John Paul II to Wisconsin and hearing some very interesting and inspiring stories, please sign-up and you will receive a link in your inbox.

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