3 Ways to Distinguish Between God’s Voice and Satan’s Voice

One of the most necessary skills to have in the spiritual life is the ability to discern who is speaking to us in the depths of our soul. Without this skill we run the risk of following a voice that leads us away from God to a place of eternal loneliness and despair.


Here are three ways that will help us follow the voice of the Good Shepherd instead of the Wolf in sheep’s clothing. In particular, Satan’s voice always has these three qualities:

The Compass: How to Know if You are Headed for Blessed Shores

After acquiring our “nautical chart” of Sacred Scripture, we now turn to one of the most essential items in a captain’s possession: the compass.


Historically the compass developed over time and was eventually used as a sure guide for the seafarer who desired to know which direction he was headed.

Introducing the Soldier of Christ Handbook: A Practical Guide to Fighting the Good Fight

As I have said many times before, we are all in a battle and that battle is for our soul. There are evil spiritual forces in this world that are waging war against us and it is up to us to respond to God’s invitation to be a part of His army to not only fight for our own soul, but also for the souls of those around us.


It is not easy, especially when it comes to applying the truths of the faith to our day-to-day life. What we need is a BASIC FIELD MANUAL, something like a HANDBOOK that helps a SOLDIER OF CHRIST make sense of what he/she needs to do to be victorious in this life and the next.

Ask and you shall receive. Introducing the “SOLDIER OF CHRIST HANDBOOK.”

Four Keys to Reading Scripture That Will Lead You to Safe Harbors

As we embark upon this quest to “Save Our Souls,” just like any journey we need to have the necessary tools in our “Captain’s Desk” (for we are all captains of our own ships by virtue of our free-will) to ensure that we stay the course and arrive at our destination.


First off, one can be overwhelmed with the thought of starting this great adventure to distant lands. It can appear to be an impossible quest, whereby someone must do many heroic deeds to arrive at journey’s end. In reality it is very simple and in its simplicity many will be surprised.

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I need your help. While my book In the Footsteps of a Saint has already been published and has been “live” for about 3 weeks, I still need to “launch” my book out into the public sphere.


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I have decided to set a launch date of April 27th, which is the 1st anniversary of John Paul II’s canonization