Advice from Exorcists: 4 Ways to Keep the Devil Away

After an Exorcism occurs, how does a person keep the devil from coming back? In the Gospels we read a story that describes how a person who was exorcised was then visited by a whole host of demons, who sought to reenter in a more forceful way (cf. Matthew 12:43-45). The Rite of Exorcism only expels demons from a person; it does not keep them from coming back.


In order to ensure that the devil does not return, exorcists recommend four ways that will keep a person’s soul at peace and in God’s hands:

What Does Satan Fear Most: Saints or Sacramentals?

As Christians engaged in the Art of Spiritual Combat, we must learn what it is that makes Satan and his minions shriek away in fear. Especially with the rise in occult activity in recent years, it is imperative that we arm ourselves with appropriate weapons to successfully combat the advances of the Enemy.


One important question we must ask is, “what does Satan fear most: saints or sacramentals?

Estamos en una lucha espiritual (tanto si nos gusta como si no)

A menudo pensamos que llevamos una vida sencilla y ordinaria que no le interesaría a nadie. Vamos al trabajo, volvemos a casa, comemos, dormimos. No saldremos nunca en la portada del Time Magazine y nuestro epitafio seguramente será muy cortito. Poco sospechamos que en realidad en estos momentos se está librando una guerra, nada más y nada menos que por nuestra alma.

The Fall of the Rebel Angels (Pieter Bruegel the Elder)

La caída de los ángeles rebeldes – Pieter Bruegel el Viejo

San Pablo lo expresa sucintamente:

A Simple Way Everyone Can Imitate Saint Ignatius of Loyola

July 31st is the feast day of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and while many are familiar with the Jesuit Order he founded, few appreciate the life he led and even fewer try to imitate his example. Yet when we look at his life, especially his conversion, we find a simple way that everyone can easily imitate.


To learn this simple way, let us examine the story of his conversion.

Why Satan Hates the Brown Scapular

July 16th is the feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, so it is fitting to examine a mighty spiritual weapon connected with this devotion to the Blessed Mother: the Brown Scapular. There are many “promises” to the wearers of this scapular, but we must always keep in mind that the Brown Scapular is NOT a lucky “charm” that grants someone access to eternal life no matter what kind of life they live.


First of all, here is a quick history of the Brown Scapular:

[Book Review] Church Militant Field Manual: Special Forces Training for the Life in Christ

Pope Benedict XVI, while having lunch with the College of Cardinals on May 22, 2012, reflected on the topic of the “battle against evil” and said “though the term ‘ecclesia militans’ [church militant] is ‘somewhat out of fashion,’ it is true, ‘it bears truth in itself.'” (Zenit, emphasis added)


He went on to say:

Join Me in Mastering the Art of Spiritual Combat

After nine months of writing on “spiritual warfare,” I am finally understanding your needs and am refocusing this blog to better reflect what you, the reader, want to learn more about.


At first I thought putting on the “armor of God” was the most appropriate term to describe your needs. However, I have come to learn that mastering the “art of spiritual combat” is truly what the readers of this blog desire. Here is why: