The Enemy’s Tactic #3: Daily Pinpricks

Going into our third part of examining the many tactics of the Evil One, let us look at a very small and subtle way that the devil subverts our relationships with others: the daily “pinpricks.”


One tactic the devil is an expert at is turning small, ordinary occurrences in a relationship into overblown catastrophes that often lead to the divorce of a couple who appeared to have a perfectly normal marriage or causes a rift between family members that lasts the rest of their lives.

The Enemy’s Tactic #2: Focusing on Sinners in the Church

Continuing our look at the innumerable tactics of satan to lure men and women away from God, this week we examine the ability of the devil to focus on the witness of sinners in the Church in order to create disappointment in the hearts of Christians and non-Christians alike.


Jesus and the Woman Caught in Adultery (Guercino, 1621)

While the fact that we are all sinners can be something appealing, especially to someone who feels unworthy to be a Christian, the devil takes the reality and twists it to his own agenda.

The Roman Centurion and the Armor of God

As we continue to delve deeper into our series on the Armor of God as featured in Saint Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, this week we start to examine the specific pieces of armor that St. Paul references and compare it to a Roman centurion’s armor.


Photo by Matthias Kabel (Wikipedia)

While we will see next week that St. Paul is most likely referring to God’s armor that was mentioned in the Old Testament, he also knew the audience he was writing to and gave them images that they could visualize.

The Enemy’s Tactic #1: The Loss of Reason

This week in our series investigating the many tactics of the devil, we examine the loss of reason in our society and how the Enemy loves to use this to his advantage.

the loss of reason

The loss of reason has become the devil’s playground in modern culture. Ages ago people used to debate about topics and when the debate was over, the other person would actually be convinced. There would be a change of mind, because the other person’s argument was convincing and it made sense. Today, that ability to argue and be convinced is almost entirely gone.

Why We Need Rose Vestments

On one Sunday each Advent and Lent, the priest will come out of the sacristy wearing rose vestments and inevitably makes some sort of comment about how the color of his vestments should not be classified as “pink,” but rose.  Often the priest is somewhat embarrassed, especially when his parishioners give their pastor a hard time.


Photo by Brett Crandall (Wikipedia)

Yet, the use of rose vestments during the sacred liturgy of the third Sunday of Advent has been a part of the Church’s tradition for many centuries and is a tradition we must hold onto. Rose gives us joy and a promise of hope; our world is in need of both.